Posted by: Toni | May 25, 2010

Here I am again…..

I am a proud owner of an iPhone and realize I do so much with it including picture taking.

So, I found an app that helps me keep on top of posting to my blog — how cool is that? Not like it surprised me finding an app, there are so many great apps I use daily.

So testing out how this new app works sharing my newest and most expensive flip flops (actually most expensive shoes) I’ve ever purchased. But as you see the are SOOO me.

Hopefully this new app will allow me to reconnect with my blog.

Posted by: Toni | April 17, 2010

Picture slacking….

I’ve been slacking and due to it didn’t have any exciting posts to share.  So, this past week I have taken more pictures and will do some pre-posting this weekend for your amusement.

Randomness images from this past week. . .

Betsy, do you notice my golf towels? 🙂

In honor of the Baltimore Pyrate Invasion Weekend, I put up my pirate flags last week.  Time to put up some springy ones.  Please ignore the weeds, that flower bed is a work in progress.

And while shopping at the local dollar tree, I find this interesting towel design.  I didn’t purchase any, but thought it was kind a neat to see the quilting pattern.

Now to organize more photos for your enjoyment!

Enjoy your weekend.

Posted by: Toni | April 7, 2010

Weekly Gardening post…

I spent an hour today just potting some seedlings and new little annuals for my hanging baskets and such.  I really enjoy this time of year playing with plants.  And here are some pictures to show off my work.  The Aerogarden sprouts are a week old and they are coming up fast!

It should view as a slide show. . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Posted by: Toni | April 6, 2010

New storage concept. . .

so, I was in Wally World (aka Walmart) on Sunday and needed a small plastic bin to store my gardening tools in.  I panned over the large selection and my eyes fell on something, new, cute, right size and RIGHT PRICE!

Granted it wasn’t meant for my gardening stuff, but it IS perfect for my sewing stuff!  You know those art bins that run $16 and up.  Well, these bins are along those lines but aren’t 12″ or 14″ square (which is actually too big in my opinion), but they fit nicely into a stack and limited space.  And the RIGHT price?  Is $4.50!!  There were 3 color choices (at my Wally World) and so now I ponder on how to use that into my newly designed UFO storage area.

They are 3″ deep, 13″ long and 10″ wide.  I only picked up a few to see how they would work into my area I already have for my UFO’s.  I discovered a couple things.

  • An un-cut UFO fits too tightly, so only pre-cut UFO’s can be stored in these bins.
  • I can only stack 16 bins in my area, meaning I can only have 16 UFO’s
  • Need to re- revalue uncut UFOs and either cut them or start my new stash (being I currently don’t have one)
  • Having a large rubbermaid bin just for uncut projects might be another option to go, but my goal is to downsize, so maybe not.

I’ll be heading back to Wally World today and picking up a few more bins before they all go, then I’ll retake some pictures to show them all being used properly 🙂

How are you organizing your sewing area this week?

Posted by: Toni | April 5, 2010

It was an outdoor kinda weekend….

With our kids on their limited spring break (they only have 1/2 day on last Thursday through today off) and being on a limited budget, we decided to do a few roads trips….one to the ocean and one to a local park.

We got up early Saturday morning to drive to Ocean City, Maryland to see the sunrise.  Guess what we saw instead:

FOG!  It remain foggy on the ocean until we left around 2ish.  We did enjoy the boardwalk, Bayside Skillet, and some fishing.  And the kites were flying:

On Sunday we decided to do some yard work and then go and play at Piney Run Park.  This time it was sunny and gorgeous!  We got more fishing in an caught a catfish – we let him go, one fish isn’t enough for all of us 🙂

And to end the weekend we watched the sun set from the fishing pier:

It was good family bonding weekend, some sunburn, some fishing, lots of driving, lots of fun!  Now back to reality.

Posted by: Toni | April 4, 2010

OOo…fun icons on my side bar…

well, now I’m feeling almost “me” again (there’s still a piece of me missing, but hopefully it will be home soon) I realize I have some personal challenges to catch up on!!  YIKES!   It’s amazing how quickly we can fall behind on goals we set for ourselves, whether it’s because we are tending to everyone else’s needs or lack of self confidence, it happens quickly and very hard to catch back up.

But I’m going to make that effort to catch up!

I have the Christmas Project Group and the UFO group to re-evaluate my goals.  So, it’s a new month and here are my goals for this month based off my group challenges.  Need to find some kind of reward for myself if I do this – any suggestions?  Something up to $50.

UFO Challenge

I’m 3 months behind, though I think most of my UFO’s are mostly started, so I can make them up—I think.  Here’s the ones I will add to this month’s goals:

As for my Christmas Projects, here are 4 I’ll set as goals for April (of course the easy ones):

Whew…I guess I need to get sewing ASAP!!!  Any wagers on how many I’ll complete?

Posted by: Toni | April 3, 2010

My indoor gardening

I originally purchased my first Aerogarden over 2 years ago on the glowing review from Lynn.  Since then I have grown many herbs at ease.  Well this year, I’ve expanded a little.

I decided to try my hand at some lettuce and mix it in with my herbs in my 7-pod original Aerogarden.  Let me say WOW, lettuce grows like a weed and took over the Aerogarden.  So, I’ve had to rethink how I want to grow both crops.

Then for Valentine’s day, I purchase a 3 pod Aerogarden to bring spring early into my home.  The colors and smell now are wonderful and just make my living room more cheery.  These flowers should remind blooming for the next 2 months, then I’ll replant more just for my living room.

Last week they had a clearance sale on a 6 pod Aerogarden for $50!  Well, that is how much I paid for the 3 pod, so I jumped on the opportunity and now will use it as the herb garden and my 7 pod for my lettuce garden!  One day I might do tomatoes too, but being I’m the only one that eats them, it might be over kill.

Here are my 3 gardens.  The top one is the 7 pod, which I’m about to replant once I move my herbs into real pots later this weekend.  Next is my newly acquired 6 pod, it’s started with herbs and lastly my 3 pod blooming beautifully:

I swear by the ease and production of these great investments.  It’s a fun thing to watch grow and you have fresh herbs at your finger tips!  Just wish I had more space for a few more 🙂

Posted by: Toni | April 2, 2010

OooOo….it’s all coming back to me now…

I’m so excited.  This week I have been able to create, be inspired and SEW!

I need a spring purse badly!!  I want something very specific, but unfortunately, due to lack of fundage, I can’t swing the one I want/desire or purchase the fabric that I want through other means.  Thank goodness I do work at a quilt shop and Moda’s new line called Frolic will work ok for now.

Well, I copied my current purse’s design and made my pockets bigger to fit my iphone and then being creative, make it reversible!   I also added 4 pockets.  Using the light fabric for my spring side and the brown for fall…now I need a summer purse, but I can wait on that one 🙂

Now, I’m back in the groovy, it’s time to do some planting…’s gorgeous here in Maryland!

Posted by: Toni | April 1, 2010

More hand work….

now I have been keeping steady on doing my hexies in the mornings with my girls.  I get about 3 attached in the time we have set aside for hand-work, but I still have about 150 yellow hexies to baste and as you can see I have 3 more sections to piece before I put it together.

Here’s what they look like on the back—because I know you are curious:

image-6 (this is what the finish project will look like)

I really want to make a hexagon purse using 4-6″ hexagons, but won’t even think about doing it until I have this one done.

Posted by: Toni | March 31, 2010

Halloween Baltimore Album…..

I’m still plugging away on this handwork project.  I’m getting close to finishing my first block (that I got in the last week of January).  I’m sooo happy with how it is turning out.  I just need to find a specific time to dedicate to it:

I just need to add the leaves and the spider on my first block.  Here are the next two, while Block 2 looks intimidating, it’s going to be easier with smoother curves and Block 3 should be a breeze….but unsure if I’ll ever catch up:

Need to learn to watch more tv in the evenings…….

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