Completed Tops

Here’s my ongoing list of completed tops all ready for quilting (backings and bindings for each are done).  My goal for this year-2010- is to have all these quilted/bound and being used!

Tops for Longarmers:  18

Tops for me to do: 13

As of 12/29/2009

First group is going to longarmers.  (Penny start looking for designs and let me know which ones you want to do :))

Blue Orient 66 x 78

Second group of quilts I’ll do myself because they are small 🙂 :



  1. hey toni!
    ckd u out on here to see what you’ve been up to. you have been busy! 🙂 i need to know what kind of treatment u want for these tops. the holloweenie one i’m thinking of a design i had shown u for a prev one. the flip flops i’ve got a couple of ideas. ditto for the koi & the very last one too.
    let me know when u r ready & give me a buzz/email. 🙂

  2. i want the 5 o’clock one too! 🙂 i’ve got a few good ideas for this one as well.

    i know it will feel so good to get these done – i hear that alot. take care.

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