Posted by: Toni | August 4, 2010

Frosty Flakes BOM

Anyone interested in playing along?  I’m been in a mind set that BOM’s are the way to go lately for me because I don’t have a lot of “me” sewing time and the time I seem to find is limited enough to work on one block, so looking at some other BOM’s to pick up and this new free one just came up and it have hexagons in it!  So, yes I’m interested in it. (click on image to see the first free pattern)

I’ll have my holiday fabric this weekend and so I’ll pick out some fun blue shiney fabric for this project!



  1. Very cute! I will be playing along.

    • WOOT!! What colors are you doing yours in?

  2. Oh dear…you are a bad influence to tempt me with an adorable new project!!!

    • I love being an influence of some kind Kathy! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. OMG! I didn’t realize how small the blocks would be. I may have to enlarge mine, fingers don’t work as nicely as they did before. Okay the race is on 😀

    • 🙂 no fair, I don’t have my fabric yet!!!!! You can easily enlarge this block, but don’t know what the rest of the blocks will be like 🙂

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