Posted by: Toni | August 2, 2010

Stay At Home Round Robin

I forgot about Kate starting this in July self pace/motivated round robin, but since I’ve been catching up on blogs, jumped on the bandwagon!

I got my piece done for July:

And added my piece for August – I decided I wanted my sunflower to be the center of this quilt, so I put the 4×6 piece on the right side:

You too can play along with this simple round robin based on the round robin I just posted about yesterday.  Check out Kate’s blog for further details.

Stay At Home Round Robin

I’ve enjoyed sewing for myself today and scrounging for fabric that would work…95% of my fabric is still in Maryland–hope to have that remedied by next weekend though.  I feel a bit incomplete with out my fabric palette to play with.



  1. First, HI THERE! I haven’t seen you since graduation… last I heard you were in the Air Force. That was quite a while ago, I will admit.

    My question; what is a UFO as it relates to quilting? My mom has taken up quilting and loves it but I don’t recall hearing that term.

    Take care and ttyl.

    • Hi Kevin! High school and the AF was a long time ago 🙂 Funny thing is I married another 6′ red head Kevin 🙂 Been married since 87′

      A UFO in quilting terms is an Un-Finished Object. WIPs means Works In Progress. I’ve been quilting over 15 years now and have worked at a local quilt shop for the past 3 1/2 years in Maryland and currently have been hired by another one here in Tennessee. If your mom has questions send her my way!

      Good to hear from you!

  2. Very pretty. I would like to do a row robin in house, maybe next year.

    • Thanks Cindy!

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