Posted by: Toni | August 1, 2010

Round Robin Blogger Swap

Well, I did another round of 15 months with RRBlogger Swap 2.  I’m still amazed I was able to actually finish it with all the turmoil in my life the past 10 months, even though I become 2 months behind.

I don’t have my journal for this swap with me, it’s still packed away in MD but thank you to all these wonderful ladies who make this piece for me:

Instructions Who Added
Round 1: The owner of the RR makes the left top 
block/piece sized 4”x4”
Me – the flip flops
Round 2: Add a piece 5”x4” beside the first piece
Round 3: Add a piece 9”x3” below the first two pieces
Round 4: Add a piece 4”x7” on the right side
Round 5: Add two pieces below the others, 6”x4” and 7”x4”
Round 6: Add two pieces below the others, 10”x4” and 3”x4”
Round 7: Add two pieces, 4”x3” and 9”x3” at the bottom
Round 8: Appliqué something
Round 9: Embroider something
Round 10: Add another appliqué and/or embroider 
something in writing
Round 11: Add anything else you think is needed. 
Add batting and backing, and baste the little RR
Round 12: Quilt the whole RR by hand or by machine
Round 13: Add embellishment (buttons, lace, beads, etc.)
Round 14: Add a sleeve and sew binding on the RR

It hangs now in my most awsome bathroom, styled finally to something that means something to me.  I still need to put the label on it, but for now it hangs proudly.

Don’t think I’ll do another round.  I’m swapped out for a while until life finds me time again in the future.



  1. I love this.. Very cute!

    • Thanks Lacy! I love it! It turned out SOOO perfect!

  2. How adorable. The quilt if definitely you. I’ve often been tempted to join a round robin but I always back out.

    • Maybe we could start a small RR with like 4-5 people? I love doing them, but the bigger they are the longer it takes to get it back 🙂

  3. It looks great! I think I may be ready to particpate in a round robin.

    • I love doing round robins….if I did any more internet style swaps it would be something like this again.

  4. Wow, that’s a great quilt…the details are wonderful. Round Robins are fun but very intense.

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