Posted by: Toni | May 25, 2010

Here I am again…..

I am a proud owner of an iPhone and realize I do so much with it including picture taking.

So, I found an app that helps me keep on top of posting to my blog — how cool is that? Not like it surprised me finding an app, there are so many great apps I use daily.

So testing out how this new app works sharing my newest and most expensive flip flops (actually most expensive shoes) I’ve ever purchased. But as you see the are SOOO me.

Hopefully this new app will allow me to reconnect with my blog.



  1. Cool shoes!

    Which iPhone app are you using to help you keep on top of posting to your blog?

  2. Iphone app????? Which one???? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • I search the apps in my itunes and all I did was type in WordPress and it popped right up! It’s free. Now if you use blogger or typepad, I bet there’s one for those as well. There are lots of apps šŸ™‚

  3. cool sandals. welcome back.

  4. Cute! Are they custom made?

  5. Now that is too cool and the phone takes a great picture as well. Love the flip flops!!!

  6. I hope this means we will being so much more of what you are doing. Yes, the scandals are definitely you. Love the toes, I’m going Saturday.

  7. Very very cute!

  8. Pretty sandals!

    Oh, and I finally got a reader that mostly works on my Moment… *and* got google Reader to work, so even though I can’t reply through that I can actually “see” you more often again :-)!

  9. Toni, how did you do the slide show? Love the sandals, too!

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