Posted by: Toni | April 6, 2010

New storage concept. . .

so, I was in Wally World (aka Walmart) on Sunday and needed a small plastic bin to store my gardening tools in.  I panned over the large selection and my eyes fell on something, new, cute, right size and RIGHT PRICE!

Granted it wasn’t meant for my gardening stuff, but it IS perfect for my sewing stuff!  You know those art bins that run $16 and up.  Well, these bins are along those lines but aren’t 12″ or 14″ square (which is actually too big in my opinion), but they fit nicely into a stack and limited space.  And the RIGHT price?  Is $4.50!!  There were 3 color choices (at my Wally World) and so now I ponder on how to use that into my newly designed UFO storage area.

They are 3″ deep, 13″ long and 10″ wide.  I only picked up a few to see how they would work into my area I already have for my UFO’s.  I discovered a couple things.

  • An un-cut UFO fits too tightly, so only pre-cut UFO’s can be stored in these bins.
  • I can only stack 16 bins in my area, meaning I can only have 16 UFO’s
  • Need to re- revalue uncut UFOs and either cut them or start my new stash (being I currently don’t have one)
  • Having a large rubbermaid bin just for uncut projects might be another option to go, but my goal is to downsize, so maybe not.

I’ll be heading back to Wally World today and picking up a few more bins before they all go, then I’ll retake some pictures to show them all being used properly 🙂

How are you organizing your sewing area this week?



  1. Toni those are great! I’ll have to check them out.

  2. The size means it is a cake carrier/storage, huh? I have one with handles on the top. You are right in that it needs to be a cut UFO.

  3. How am “I” organizing “MY” sewing area?
    I slammed the door shut ! I don’t have time to organize in the spring. I just shop and throw my purchases in the room and SLAM the door !
    I like those bins though….I might have to make a trip to WMart. Don’t buy them all….save some for the rest of us.

  4. I have these same containers and love them!

  5. I went searching for these online because my aunt and MIL are both in need of containers I found them in clear with dark blue handles for $15 for a set of 6 with free home shipping.

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