Posted by: Toni | April 5, 2010

It was an outdoor kinda weekend….

With our kids on their limited spring break (they only have 1/2 day on last Thursday through today off) and being on a limited budget, we decided to do a few roads trips….one to the ocean and one to a local park.

We got up early Saturday morning to drive to Ocean City, Maryland to see the sunrise.  Guess what we saw instead:

FOG!  It remain foggy on the ocean until we left around 2ish.  We did enjoy the boardwalk, Bayside Skillet, and some fishing.  And the kites were flying:

On Sunday we decided to do some yard work and then go and play at Piney Run Park.  This time it was sunny and gorgeous!  We got more fishing in an caught a catfish – we let him go, one fish isn’t enough for all of us 🙂

And to end the weekend we watched the sun set from the fishing pier:

It was good family bonding weekend, some sunburn, some fishing, lots of driving, lots of fun!  Now back to reality.



  1. Great weekend Toni.

    • Thanks Betsy, hope yours was wonderful with family as well!

  2. I love watching the sun set…’s so restful!!

    • I agree, but I prefer watching the sun rising on a new day!

  3. One lonely fish isn’t enough for us either but we love to eat catfish. I love to watch the sunrise or set.

    • We could have froze the fish, but we like to eat fresh fish! 🙂 Hi Cindy!

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