Posted by: Toni | April 1, 2010

More hand work….

now I have been keeping steady on doing my hexies in the mornings with my girls.  I get about 3 attached in the time we have set aside for hand-work, but I still have about 150 yellow hexies to baste and as you can see I have 3 more sections to piece before I put it together.

Here’s what they look like on the back—because I know you are curious:

image-6 (this is what the finish project will look like)

I really want to make a hexagon purse using 4-6″ hexagons, but won’t even think about doing it until I have this one done.



  1. Too much work… Beautiful!

    • yep, definitely a slow project. But my daughters are doing hexies at the same time with me, so it is building memories 🙂

      Thanks Jackie!

  2. Toni they look great. You are truly keeping busy.

    • LOL, I’m always busy it seems…it’s the balancing everything I’m working so hard at trying to do! Thanks Betsy!

  3. They look great! I need to do a project like this, nice and portable.

    • It’s very portable! Thanks Yvette!

  4. Neat pattern!! I love it!

    • Thanks Anjea!!

  5. I like the pattern, and your work. Nice colours.

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