Posted by: Toni | January 8, 2010

Cottage Block Swap Nov, Dec, and Jan

It’s that time of month again, when we receive our cottage in our monthly swap.  And I haven’t had a camera the past few months and just realized I’m 2 months behind as well….so for your viewing pleasure, here’s Nov, Dec, and Jan’s!  These blocks are going to be SOOO much fun putting together!

Everyone’s is a little different with a face in the window.  I had a good time doing these, it helped me get back into my sewing area.

Here are my previous blocks received (Oct, Sept, August, July, June, May) :

DSC08433 DSC08301

DSC08184 DSC08185 DSC08186



  1. Oh this looks like it is a fun swap. I might have to think of it for my guild next year. Were there a set number of people and everyone made blocks for everyone else?

    How neat!

  2. They look great!

  3. Hasn’t this been a fun swap?

  4. I need to post my new block too! This swap has been fun.

  5. Oh Toni, the houses are great. A friend of mine did this last year….the quilt look really great. Can’t wait to yours. Take care.

  6. they are fabulous…. love this swap!

  7. […] To see all the previous blocks, click here. […]

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