Posted by: Toni | December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I know a day late and a dollar (or few) short….but I have to share all my spoils because I have great friends and awsome new gifts.

First and far mostest is my awsome new digital camera —and it has a shutter button too 🙂

It’s a Fuji Finepix J38 and I love it.  It does panoramic pictures too!  I have to play more with that feature but I’ve been taking lots of “make-up” images of my quilting things and gifts.

I participated in a quickie Christmas Swap through Pat Sloan’s group and my swap partner was Ms. Nancy.   I wasn’t able to take pictures of what I sent her, but I opened her present to me on Christmas morning and found wonderful surprises.  Inside her package was a beautiful table runner, a snowman embroidered card, some godiva chocolate, 2 fat quarters and the coolest new ornament—a pirate santa!  I now have 2, looks like a new thing I will be collecting:

Then from my friend Betsy in Florida, she sent me this AWSOME Catherdral Windows…..I already have it hanging and it will remain hanging in my sewing area:

I didn’t get a lot of quilty things from family and close friends….they know I just get what I want at work, so I got some great useful items, like a new frying pan, a covered ice scraper, stationary with my name, lotion and chocolate.  One other gift my hubby and I got together for us was a single cup coffee maker, Keurig.  OMG….we love it love it.  (Thanks to Jane getting me hooked on one)  We are probably drinking way too much coffee the past 2 days, but it’s fun to try the variety of flavors.

Well, now I’ve got a new camera I am going to pre-post for this week.  I have lots of new pictures to share and organinzing my sewing studio to set myself on weekly goals this coming year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, blessed with family and friends and love.  I know I’m grateful for all you who participate in my blog and make me feel special.



  1. I didn’t know you could get pirate santas??? LOL
    Merry Christmas. we love coffee in this house too – great present!

  2. Nice camera! Another beautiful quilt by Betsy, she is so good at keeping secrets also. 😉 hmmm, coffee

  3. lovely presents. wow A coffee machine.
    off to look at the rest of your blog.
    sheila from CP2010

  4. Great camera. I love to see your prezzies. My boss has that coffee maker and actually shares her coffee with us. I like it but as you know the latina in me needs espresso daily!

  5. Oohh, lots of nice goodies! Betsy does wonders with those cathedral windows. You will enjoy that new camera, I recently got one and love it!

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