Posted by: Toni | December 23, 2009

Completed Tops….part 2

Ok, here’s the rest of my tops that I need to quilt….most of these I’ll be doing myself.  A few still need backings and bindings, but I’ll work on those over the next few days….then I’m start documenting my UFOs….epp, now that will be very scary and take 20 posts to share…

All I have to do (before I start, finish anything else) is make 9 bindings and put together 3 little backings.  I should be able to pull it all out of my stash too===bonus!



  1. wow, and what will you do with all of them?
    I love the pumpkins and your Baltimore beauty is a beauty.

  2. What a wonderful group of quilts!! So fun to see and so amazing all together!!

  3. Another fun batch of quilts! After these couple of posts, I’m feeling much better about my pile of tops. 🙂 And I’m getting inspired to make some new ones (which I shall attempt to refrain from actually doing until I finish something… anything!) 😛 Thanks so much for sharing!

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