Posted by: Toni | October 7, 2009

Random stuff

It is still Renaissance Faire season here and I’ve been going almost every weekend.  We even camped in the rain 2 weekends ago.  Here are some of my favorite pictures so far this season:

Hubby and me


My dear friend Stacie & Me


My Jingle Ho friends (one is missing) L-R: Sam, JoJo, Cheri (new ho), Mish, Marty, Bottom: Me, Sati, Vicki


My dear friend Sati with Vikie’s daughter


Daddy and Daughter (Kendra’s birthday trip to faire)


Kendra and mom




  1. Lovely friends and family Toni.

  2. … and just how do you construct those ladies’ garments to give them so much … uhhhhh … cleavage? LOL

    Apparently we, in the 2000 th year, with gals showing so much skin, were not the only century where the gals displaying their gifts! 8-)))

  3. Lovely pics!

  4. Great pictures! The two pictures with Kendra show something interesting, IMHO – in the picture with Kevin, she looks like you (devilish grin is DEFINITELY yours!), but in the picture with you, she looks like Kevin. Kind of neat! Looks like everyone had a great time.

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