Posted by: Toni | August 25, 2009

Date night with nature….

last Friday hubby and I did a picnic at Gambrills State Park in Frederick, Maryland.  It was soo nice and pleasant.  No one around where we were.  It was peaceful and beautiful.  We go in a little fishing…..and I mean a LITTLE FISHing 🙂


That is MY hand…I have small hands…small fish!  It was fun though, we got a lot of little bluegills and sunfish.  The pond was beautiful and the reflection in the late afternoon sun was awsome:


The park has 3 overlooks into the valley below and we sat and watch a very strong nasty thunderstorm come across….of course then we made a beeline home to avoid the storm on the highway:


I’m remember why I enjoy being out in nature so much (though I detest the bugs immensely), it’s so peaceful.

Then we hit a few little white balls on Sunday evening at our local golf course, The Links at Challedon.


Not a flattening picture of me, but that is me swinging a club!

Hubby looks much better at it than I do:


Their tee boxes had beautiful landscape around them:


and we even saw some wildlife….deer all over the place:


Another fun and busy weekend.



  1. Great pictures! That is a tiny a fish. Did you throw it back?

  2. Those are great pictures. It is so nice that you guys take the time to play.

  3. Cool! So pleased you are doing some bonding 🙂
    I, personally, would have a hard time chasing that little white ball 🙂

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