Posted by: Toni | August 8, 2009

Area 1 & 2….done…

I have done a bit of vacuuming as well…but here are the before pictures of “Area 1” and “Area 2”:

DSC08332 DSC08333

Now the after….

DSC08338 DSC08341

Area 1 is my extra table for company/friends coming over to sew.  I even have 2 machines for visitors to us.  Area 2 is my cutting area for visitors as well (storage space underneath is all mine though 🙂 ).  I have my own cutting area on my big sewing table.

I have to show off my little vacuum.  It’s just too cute and I got is specifically for my area because of the floors.  It’s just a dust buster with a long handle–but I love it and works wonderfully:


Now, time for lunch and then on to “Area 3″….




  1. Nice area 1 and 2. Do you have an extra bed also? It is a little far for me to drive for the day. Lots fun takes place in that rm. Wonderful big window for natural light.

  2. When you get to Area 51 let me know……. I wanna see what is hidden there :o)

  3. I sure do know the feeling. We have been on a cleaning binge this last week. We are working our way down the list. I told my dh the sewing area will be tackled on Monday 😦

  4. ok, enough cleaning, you have the whole day to yourself? you should be sewing.

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