Posted by: Toni | April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day….

of course, we should celebrate it everyday….and if that is the case, the celebrating my birthday everyday would be awsome 🙂

I received a pleasant surprise last night when my hubby arrived home with my son (hubby drove from TN to Philly to pick up son), my son’s girlfriend!  How cool is that!  So, for the next few days I have Fallon and Allen visiting!  Unsure how much sewing will get down, but I’m close to finishing my “to do” list for this week, so it might be ok!

I have meant to share my newest obsession, hand work…you say WHAT?  Well, I got a sample of hexagons from Paper Piecing (we had them at work and got some at guild). I took them along on my trip to Texas to “work on”….and I did it!!  My first flower!  Now I plan to do use two more packs to create a pin cushion, but I’m soo proud of myself and my stitching (in my opinion) is awsome!


I purchased a book called Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden and have gotten a few inspirations from it.  Also in the most currect AQS Magazine, they had a very cool hexagon pattern, that I’m actually going to “kit up” and use they suggestive tips for this portable project.

I blame Karol-Ann, Betsy and my co-worker, Carolyn, for this newest addition.  I even had to purchase reading glasses to do it successfully! 🙂

Unsure what today holds, but dinner with friends and an evening of BUNCO (I’m sooo excited about that).

Enjoy the day!

Oh, PS…I also Twitter now as quiltingpirate and facebook is my name.



  1. Very pretty! I would love to be able to do handwork that I was proud of, mainly needle turn applique’. Enjoy your birthday and your family.

  2. oh you poor thing. The hexie bug has bitten you. You are doomed my dear. For awhile at least. LOL

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I haven’t tried any handwork myself lately, but I have friends who swear by Inklingo – and I’ve seen some awesome things they’ve done with it. Have you tried it at all?

  5. Have fun at Bunco, love your hexes!

  6. What a nice surprise! Enjoy your time with them!

    I love your hexagons! That is about the only thing that my aunt will do! But I think they look so hard!

  7. Hehe, the hexies have got you! Happy Hexagon Day!! 🙂

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