Posted by: Toni | April 16, 2009

Day 3 . . .

Are you getting sick of my Austin trip posts yet?  Hope not, because I still have a pictures to share!

Our plan of attack for Saturday was “run” to Ginger’s (local quilt/needlework shop) to pick up a few things and hit another shop in North Austin I haven’t been to yet.  Then come home and just veg/sew or something….well…..

Shop #10 – Ginger’s Needlearts, Quilts & Framing, Austin (their link isn’t currently working)


Picture is actually from my 2007 trip, but I like this shop because I ask Anjea specifically to go back to it for things and I ended up spending the most money here!  This shop is mostly needle/cross stitch/embroidery work.  Nice novelty fabrics, but their focus is on the hand work items.  I did pick up 2 CUTE cross stitch designs to work on.

Shop #11 – The Quilt Shop, Austin (not part of the BBSH – but a great shop)


This is another “me” shop!  Anjea took me to them when I visited in 2007 and we had to “swing” by being we were so close and ugh….I got more fabric.  Great, excellent selection of batiks, brights, novelties and patterns.  I definitely recommend this shop in Austin the most over all the others.

Shop #12 – Ready To Sew, Cedar Park (North Austin)


Nice shop, not overly friendly.  Nice selection of notions and contemporary fabrics.  I got a new ruler here and the one lady gave us about 4 more shops to visit—le sigh, on the next trip.

Ok, by the time we made it home–mmm, around 4 we were done.  We kinda played around in the sewing room and pull fabrics together that Anjea has purchase, then by 7:30 we were out the door again.

We headed over to Torren’s pad for monthly movie night.  I have heard Anjea talk about this and I was not let down!  He has turned his garage over into a theater—with stadium style seating (raised platforms with rows of couches) and a huge screen projector and a huge screen of course.


We watched The Princess Bride (bonus!).  Even a 2 movie trailer and next month’s movie trailer.  Great pizza and conversation.  It was a good evening.  Again, arrived home around mid-nightish with an early wake up call to head to faire on Sunday….more pictures and details coming….



  1. I’m not tired of hearing about your trip and all the quilt shops you got to visit. Movie night sounds like too much fun. Do they pause for potty breaks? That is the only way I can watch a movie. lol

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