Posted by: Toni | March 20, 2009

Design Wall Friday

I got this idea from Kim at A Peach in Stitches and I haven’t had time to do any other exciting picture taking this pass week and thought I would share with you what is on my design wall…mind you there are 2 other things I can’t share at this time, but this is my big project. 

It’s from my class last Saturday with Jeanette Pie from Easy as Pie Designs.  She is such a wonderful teacher and person.  It is called a Tube Quilt by Cozy Designs, using their neat “tube” ruler.  Unfortunately I didn’t visionalize well enought to know I should have stuck to med tone fabrics between my light blue and my solid purple pieces, so the effect wasn’t there when I followed the layout in the pattern.  So, I adapted a different layout that would show off the blue and purple stripes better.  It was an EASY and quick pattern to do.  I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about this quilt, but hopefully I can sell it later:


What is on your design wall??



  1. I see what you’re saying about the value placement, but I still think it’s successful — the variation adds interest! Love the colors, too.

  2. I think it looks fantastic! Nice work.

  3. I think the quilt works!
    I have too much on my design wall to ever really see the design.

  4. Hey, *I* like it! I know it’s frustrating when something doesn’t turn out like you envisioned it, though.

    I’m almost done with the Moda pink/chocolate charm squares top that will be a wallhanging. I just have to put the white corner triangles on it. I think I’m going to use a lime binding and forgo a border.

    This was taken awhile back, but it is this top in progress:

  5. Hmm, lemme try a different code:


  6. I confess. I adore it. I think its gorgeous!

  7. Hey! It works for me! I think it looks great! You’re lucky to have a design wall–all I have is a design floor, lol. And by the time I get back to the sewing machine with the pieces, I usually sew them together backwards.

  8. I like it…it is bright and perky and I like the repeated over and over pattern. I need a design wall too. I have a rope hung over a doorway so I can hang a finished quilt top, but no wall. sniff sniff … lol

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