Posted by: Toni | February 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I finished my kiwi top, just added simple borders (I really need to challenge myself to be more creative with my borders—next project) and still need a name for it.  Any suggestions?


And Ms. Amy, sent me a link this morning regarding this very cool pirate panel (which I already had and purchased at the Harrisburg show in September):


I’m glad she emailed me to remind me I had it….now the challenge is what/how to use it!?  Any suggestions? 

I’m going to do some swap obligations this week and work on my art quilt, which I’m dying to share with ya’l.



  1. Love the kiwi quilt with the borders. You can still get creative with the borders when you do the quilting. What a cute panel, it is so you!

  2. The kiwi quilt is so soft and restful. The word that popped into my head when I looked at it was “meltaway.” (I guess like the candy, a mint meltaway?) How’s that for a title?

  3. Love the pirate panel. Not sure I would do anything than… try a funky border with it LOL! 🙂
    Liked Cheri’s name… or Kiwi Dream? Or Rainbow’s end?

  4. Hey Girlfriend. I like the name “Reflections in a Pond” for the quilt.

  5. It reminds me of sherbet – maybe Kiwi Sherbet? 😀

    Any word on flights? I’m looking into what’s going on in town that weekend…will let you know!

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