Posted by: Toni | February 12, 2009

Guild Night…..

well, guild night was Tuesday and I turned my landscape challenge -Twilight – in hoping to win a gift card to my own shop :), but atlas, there were some other really nice creative landscapes.  I didn’t leave empty handed though.  I did get some fq’s and a machine embroidery book (I gave a few fq’s away, not my colors) for entering:


Then I also picked up my Scraps & Shirttails from Bonnie Hunter, which I just love!!


It was a nice night and we had a great speaker that inspired us to “organize” our sewing areas better.  Some great tips came out of it and I realized I’m more organinzed than I thought!!  Wow… 🙂

My friend Eva (part of the traveling quilters sisterhood) invited me to join her for a few days at her condo in Fenwick Island, Delaware (we are literally on the street that the otherside is Ocean City, MD…stateline) to sew and help her asset things in her rental.  We left yesterday and it was a very pleasant drive and her little dog Nevie (think of Toto from Wizard of Oz—just not black, white) sitting in the back.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day–it got up to 70!!! 

Of course Eva asked if I would like to stop at a quilt shop….umm, YAH?!!!  What a cute place.  Excellent selection of fabric and the single staff member was soo nice and treated us special.  It’s called Mare’s Bear Quilt Shop, located in Lewes, Delaware:


I of course had to support the LQS, so here’s my new stash:


The nice lady also told us about a new quilt shop on our way home, called Serendipity, in Dagsboro, Delaware….so when we go home tomorrow, we’ll support them as well 🙂

I have been sewing and just have one more side to add to my Mark top, I have been to the beach and froze my toosh off and I have enjoyed some good local wine with my friend.  We are relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  Today is another beautiful day, so definitely going to hit the ocean again before the “chill” of winter comes back tomorrow.

Wish ya’l were here!



  1. you are always going to fun places.

  2. Sounds like you’re having a great time. My kind of great time!!! Hope you get lots of sewing, chatting and walking on the beach in! xka

  3. oh and shopping! You are doing some great shopping 🙂

  4. ps sorry you didn’t win!! 😦

  5. the shop in lewes is nice. i bought the beach pattern & the matching fabrics….but, haven’t done them yet. i also have the “crabby” pattern too. ditto for that one. sigh… many quilts, never enough time.

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