Posted by: Toni | January 28, 2009

Need one more person….

is there anyone who would like to participate in Round 3 of the Booty Swap?  I had someone whose life is crazy and can’t play this round 😦 and I need one person to ease the rearranging of partners.  Email me please, don’t leave a comment: quiltingpirate at gmail dot com.  Thanks!!

I’ve been BUSY today!  Emails, swappings and I even did some hand work —yes, HAND work.  I still am not thrilled by it, but it does have a nice effect on a finished project.

Here’s some pieces of my FSS5 project….can’t show everything, it would give it away 🙂  Curves…again not something I’m enjoying, but trying something new is always fun and challenging:


These are some of my practice ones, curves are HARD.  These are 3″ unfinished….and I plan to make 36 for my design.

Back to computing….I’m soo behind on soo many emails.



  1. Nice curves! 😉

  2. Hand work, you?!?! And voluntarily? What is this world coming to!??!


  3. Like the DRunkards Path pieces

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. IMHO, curves deserve hand-stitching.. or they have the few times I’ve messed with them. Just *can’t* get the machine to follow along right (not even if I draw a line!).

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