Posted by: Toni | January 10, 2009

Miss me?

I don’t know why I use that title so much?  Though I have missed YOU!  I haven’t read any blogs in over a week.  First week back to 4 days working and kids in school after the holidays, seems more stressful than having them home for 2 weeks….craziness!!

Any who, I have started off this year RIGHT.  I finished putting 2 borders on 2 tops, so they are ready for the quilter–just need to piece the backings and am about 1/2 done with my Black/White Challenge #1 with Mark’s fabric.  I discovered I had another Black/White UFO when sorting through my piles of stuff a few weeks ago!  Here’s what I have done so far on #1:


And now I have the next 3 days off I plan to get ahead of a few swaps I signed up for and I have decided no more swaps for this year.  I just can’t keep up 😦 

I received a most incredible package from Sharon this week.  I was speechless with all the goodies that came in it…Sharon is truly a wonderful thoughtful person and I loved it all!  Thank you again Sharon!


And finally a gratuitous kitty picture from New Year’s Eve.  My local friend Sharon (not to be confused with Sharon above) spent the night and Duke loved her Hunky Man Quilt:


I plan to read some blogs this weekend, so you will see some strange delayed comments from me 🙂  Hopefully I haven’t missed anything too important 🙂 

I also plan to do a  year 2008 in review from my quilting projects and update my current UFO lists……I plan to have fun this weekend!



  1. Well, hello stranger. Appears to me that Duke has great taste in quilts. I like what you have done with #1. What a wonderful goodie package from your friend.

  2. lolz I’ve never seen anything quite like the hunky man quilt

  3. I always miss you when you’re quiet!!!! Well done on those UFO’s and your B&W quilt looks fabulous!

  4. I like the black and white blocks with the green.
    Looks very modern and comtemporary.

  5. Great B&W quilt.
    I found a package in my hallway yesterday that I think I was supposed to send to you about two years ago (this is sasha_bee from LJ). Will try to get it out this week. love your blog! 🙂

  6. Ahoy Pirate!

    I would love to get my hands on some of that hunky guy fabric if it is still available. Could you tell me where your friend purchased same please? I have a friend that would really appreciate a quilt in that fabric.

    I just love the black and white with the dash of lime! Just screams fresh!

    Many thanks.

    Sydney, Australia

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