Posted by: Toni | December 22, 2008

Our tree…

going to challenge myself….one picture a day…..dunno if it will last, but what the heck….and trying out that feature of pre-posting with a specific time and date…..very interesting…..

So, here’s our tree—notice no ornaments on the bottom part, due to the pet who love to chew them off…..


Need to take a picture of our outside as well…..



  1. Reminds me of when the kids were little and pulled all the ornaments off as high as they could reach! We handled that by hanging plastic cookie cutters and other non-breakables, but that doesn’t help much with a pet.
    Good luck on your photo a day!

  2. lovely tree!

  3. There seems to be a lot of trees I’m seeing this year with bare spots on them due to animals and small children. Maybe it will be a new trend. 😉

  4. Love the lite tree. I like to look at all the lights.

  5. Pretty!

    I like the pre-posting feature esp. for when I’m traveling. Rather than leave my blog without updates I schedule a few entries.

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