Posted by: Toni | December 22, 2008

New friends in blogland….

it’s neat to meet folks in real life when you’ve known them for years on the internet….it’s even neater to meet someone in real life and they have a blog….and they are visiting from another country….have I mentioned lately how much I love my job! 🙂

Well, go and meet Ms. Khris!  She and her hubby are doing a 12 week tour of the USA, on their 7th week now.  They started in California and arrived in Maryland this week and plan to go up to New England (yes, in all that crazy snowed/iced area)–they are driving the entire way.  They have a travel blog which is awsome to follow, click here.   She is a sweet lady with a lot of spark of life to enjoy a traveling vacation.   Her friend, Rose is a regular at the shop and is just a sweet–forgot to ask if she had a blog.  Khris is on the Stashbusters and Quiltville yahoo groups, so ya’l might know her already–I’m just behind the times and don’t spend alot of time reading all those messages in the groups 🙂

What internet friends have y0u meet in real life?  I’ve met Anjea, Carrie, Bonnie, Amy, Beth, and now Khris. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone?)



  1. How fun to meet an online friend. I haven’t met anyone yet. Maybe some day.

  2. It was so nice to meet you Toni and what a surprise to learn you were a Quiltville/Bonnie Hunter fan like I am. Isn’t it wonderful how the internet has made the world such a smaller place and how exciting it is to meet people form all over the world…even if not in real life just getting to know each other online is so fantastic…hugs Khris

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