Posted by: Toni | December 8, 2008

Oooo new WordPress stuff!

I like the new layout for the admin area of wordpress!!

I have been busy with “stuff”, in fact I have read two books in the past week…spent the ENTIRE day on my bed yesterday reading the second in the Twilight Saga – New Moon….I’m hooked…I can’t wait til Christmas to start the next book….my hubby promised me the next 2 for Christmas.  Luckily I purchased another of Stephenie Meyer’s other book The Host.  It’s a wee bit different.

Anywho….back to my number one hobby!  I have received 3 out of 5 postcards from my guild holiday swap.  Tomorrow is guild night and we are suppose to show off the ones we received!   These ladies have done a wonderful job!


I finished another swap and mailed out lots of stuff last week…waiting patiently for arrivals, so I can show off my work.  I have also done some cleaning of my UFO’s, scraps and stash!  I still have a lot to do, but  it’s started.  I feel better doing this every year, “lightening” the load sorta speak.  I have feeling too guilty for all the things I have collected and want to be able to manage it to some extent.  So, probably no more shopping until March—LOL.

I’m working on my knifty knitter loom a little getting a few last minute gifts done. 

I need to snap back to reality….reading books really is fun, but it takes a toll on my thought process…need to refocus on what I need to accomplish this week!  This weekend is full of holiday parties!



  1. Have you gone to see the movie yet?

  2. I’m still trying to get used to the admin section, but I will get there. The post cards are sew cute! A knifty knitter loom, I don’t think I have ever played with one of those. Good to see you posting, I had wondered about you.

  3. Toni, I have read all 4 books! Being a middle school teacher has it’s advantages.
    Are you going to see the movie?
    My students have all seen it but I do not know if I want to ruin the image of the book in my head.
    I love the postcards you made. Something I have not yet attempted.

  4. It’s always fun to take a day to read!
    What are you making on that knitting loom? I haven’t seen one of those.

  5. Nice to hear from you. I would love a few days to read, relax… This is a busy time of year so take it as easy as possible! 🙂

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