Posted by: Toni | December 1, 2008

Welcome December!

I’m ready for the holidays….mentally!  I don’t feel the added stress and pressure as I have over the past few years, which will make this season more enjoyable!

I’m behind on reading my friends blogs….I’m sorry.  I’ll try to catch up this week friends.  I don’t want to miss anything important!!

Have a wonderful turkey day and then worked my weekend away!  I got quite a bit of sewing in as well, but can’t show those images due to the “gift giving nature” of them 🙂

Did make some postcards for a swap I joined through out guild.  They will go into the mail today and we’ll get to see everyone’s next week at the meeting:


I’m never done post cards before and I’m glad Cheryl came over yesterday to assist.  Easy enough, takes up too much thread for the edging, but they are neat.

I’m still waiting to hear from my ALQS partner about receiving her quilt (I sent it over 4 weeks ago)….I’ve got a picture of it ready to share.  It’s a bit different and I though it was neat.  It emcompasses all their likes. 🙂 It’s bright, flowery and appliqued.  Just a different shape than square 🙂


An my boot swap is on it’s way to somewhere cold….and I’m just sooo tickled with how it came out.  I did some free motion with metallic and was very surprised how nicely my machine allowed me to do it.  Here’s a teaser:


I wish I could share more, but until gifts are in the mail and handed out I have to hold off 😦  But I know my friends don’t wait til Christmas to open gifts, so I will be able to show them soon LOL

Here’s a random kitty picture…Duke sleeping next to the sewing machine….sitting on a fleece project my daughter is making:


I’m going to be late for work…need to move it, move it……



  1. Love the post cards. I have never made any and I keep telling myself that I will, one of these days. 😉 The quilt for your ALQS partner is to cute and I love the shape. The quilting in your booty swap shows up great. Can’t wait to see the whole thing. And last but certainly not least, Duke is just precious.

  2. Your cards are very nice. Love the picture of Duke. That’s relaxed!

  3. I love your postcards! Those trees are just great.

    It’s wonderful you’re feeling more festive than stressed this season — holidays really are fun if you take the pressure off.

  4. Great postcards. I’m going to try one someday. I love the picture of Duke by your machine. Gorgeous cat.

  5. Oh my gosh, your Duke and my Stormie must be twins!!!

    Love the postcards. I haven’t tried making any yet… I think I’m tempted!

  6. Some people wait (some don’t 🙂 )
    Fantastic cards. Love your booty sneaky peak too.

  7. Postcards are fun to make aren’t they? Yours are nice. Gratuitous kitty shots are very welcome.

  8. I think you’ve done a lot of work. I love your postcards.

  9. Its here! Its here! It definately took the scenic route to me, but it was well worth the wait (alqs). I love the flowers and the colors and the star. Thanks also for the extras, the fabric is perfect for a quilt I was planning to start this weekend, and the felt magnet it adorable. thanks for a great swap.

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