Posted by: Toni | November 10, 2008

Picture pages, picture pages….

Time to get your Picture Pages,
Time to get your crayons and your pencils…”…..ya’l remember that right?

Well, it was a sllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww day at work.  Which is a good thing, but it seems when it’s slow you are bored and can’t find things to do (even though there are tons of things to do).  But that didn’t stop me from sewing before work (even though my sewing machine went on the fritz, thank goodness for a second machine — and my computer crashing…ya know just a normal Monday).  Here’s my blocks I’m working with, I have just 2 more sides to add for the borders and I’ll have another finished top, just in time to share it at guild meeting tomorrow evening (this obviously is the before picture).  I made 4 of them:


Then, I did a little sewing yesterday and these were those 2 other ornament blocks I needed to finish up and put into the mail:


Now, today I got more mail….and again I’m left speechless with the generosity of bloggers/people/friends.  I got a HUGE box from Dee Mc Donald and was soo baffled by why she was sending me something so large with soo many awsome goodies, until I read the back of the little quilt she made for me….Pay It Forward 2008……She went on to explain how her summer was hectic and rough and apologized for taking so long to sending this out….I keep thinking why are you apologizing?  Again, shows the true character of this beautiful person.  Inside my surprise package was a very cool cookbook from Keepsaking Quilts, chocolate, lotion and note cards….along with an adorable holiday quilt:

dsc06967 dsc06968

I can not thank you enough Dee for your generosity and sincere letter.  Thank you.

I also received another huge package from Ms. Betsy with TWO blocks from the ornament swap.  TWO!! Then along inside the package was a holiday card and present!!!!! How exciting and yes I’m a dweeb and won’t open it until Christmas because I like more presents than the kids on Christmas day.  I won’t even open the card until after Turkey Day 🙂  Thank you Ms. Betsy, I can’t wait to open up the present!

dsc06970 dsc06971

Well, I’m off to finish this top tonight and finish watching Chuck on NBC, he’s soo cute!



  1. I love the quilt top you are working on. I made a similar one but I can never get the name right.
    I am glad you like the blocks and the prezie is for Feliz Navidad.

  2. Wow! What wonderful gifts. It always brightens ones day, doesn’t it? Good for you and I love your projects. Take care.

  3. You are one lucky lady!!! Your blocks for the swap are pretty too.

  4. I’m so glad you liked everything. You deserve the best!

  5. I just don’t know where you find the time to do it all! Love the new top and the goodie gifts!

  6. Prezsies and quilt blocks, you are one lucky gal!

  7. I can’t believe you didn’t open it! I would have ripped the paper off before you coud say “Merry Christmas” LOL 🙂

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