Posted by: Toni | November 6, 2008


I have to admit I’m impressed by the 131 million people who went out and voted, that is amazing, almost 50% of the population – can you believe that?  I’m glad this is over for another 4 years.  Now it’s time to move forward and see what changes will happen.

I spent today sewing!!  Yep, are you surprised!?  I finished up swap project and 6 ornaments for another swap.  I think I over committed myself to swaps.  I have two more to finish up before the end of the month and then I have to say no to anything until Spring darn it.  I want to do something for me!! 🙂


My friends had their baby last night and with much excitement (especially after dreaming about them last night–weirdness) I need to finish up their quilt!  Unsure when I will get it done, but at least it’s in the final stages.

The next 4 days will be rough.  We have our area’s annual shop hop and I’m working all 4 days, long hours. But if you are in the area, please stop by – there are LOTS of prizes being given out and we have great charms for this year’s hop!

I’ve got to pack the crock pot a pan of brownies and good shoes today!



  1. I have 1 swap to finish and get in the mail before the end of the month also. My heart is just not into quilting lately but I’m blaming it on many things. Your ornaments blocks are very cute. try to get some rest each night so you can enjoy the next day at work.

  2. Hang in there! Sounds like the brownies will see you through. 🙂

    Those ornaments are cute. I’ve seen them popping up on lots of blogs. It’s a fun swap.

  3. 4 days of shop hop…..WOW!………….Hid your money, girlfriend…..LOL

  4. Those ornaments are darling. Can’t wait to get mine. I sent my out today.

  5. The shop hop sounds like fun, even if you are working it!!! Have you gotten to go to any of the other shops? Which one do you work at?

  6. Toni–we NEED to know how the shop hop turned out! Guess you are still there. I bet your feet hurt!

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