Posted by: Toni | September 16, 2008

This post is for the dogs….

sorta 🙂  Cheryl dressed her dogs up as pirates and then past the buck on to me to do the same….well, I tried the kitties and they just didn’t have no desire to be still.  I tried our visiting puppy (my son’s and girlfriend’s new dog) —isn’t he cute…..he’s name is Linguine (both his new owners are chefs…go figure):

But Cap’t Jack, our Mountain Feist dog took the challenge on and lived up to his name!!  He sat still as I took this great picture (of course having treats in hand helps a lot):

Yah for Cap’t Jack!  Isn’t he cute! 🙂

I spent yesterday home not feeling too hot, so I slept most of the day and finished a project I started on Sunday.  I had collected sunflower batiks for the past 2 years and finally found the perfect pattern!  It’s not as big as I thought 53 x 73, but it’s perfect.  The backing will be pieced as well with batiks so I can use all I have and not spend more money that I don’t have 🙂  This is the Salt Water Taffy Pattern, but I used the 8 1/2″ sized blocks (it’s also in the free pattern):

Long day at work ahead of me, need to eat a good breakfast!



  1. Hi, Happy to hear you are feeling better. The doggies are sooo cute. Jack must have been on the same ship as my 2 dogs. The “Butcheeks” turn out nice, great use of left overs.

  2. The dogs are so cute!! 🙂 I hope you are feeling better! I just love you new quilt! That pattern is beautiful!

  3. lol that is hilarious…yay for pirate pups!

  4. Those dogs are too funny.

  5. Cute dogs! You mention that the Salt Water Taffy pattern is free (see below); do you know where I can find it? Love your sunflowers. Thanks!

    “This is the Salt Water Taffy Pattern, but I used the 8 1/2″ sized blocks (it’s also in the free pattern):”

  6. The dogs are so cute! Grandpa holding the grand-dog looks like he likes the little thing. The sunflower batiks are so pretty.

  7. Love your blog! From a quilter and a dog lover!

    Cheery wave from


  8. The red eyes on the dog are PERFECT with that hat!

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