Posted by: Toni | September 9, 2008

More Bali Pops??

I discovered another wonderful pattern/tutorial for my pops!   Visit Rachel’s Blog to see an easy tutorial!  (Rachel’s blog doesn’t exist). I’m definitely going to make this with one set of pops I have—I had 4 sets 🙂  And we got a whole new line of batiks in yesterday, 30 bolts of Salt Water Taffy Batiks from Timeless Treasures….can we say YUM!!!  Oh my, they are just so scrumptious!   I bet I can do that pop pattern with these new batiks as well!  I have a thing for batiks ya know?  You should see my batik stash… has the largest bin in my collection 🙂

I need to pick up the book Happy Hour or Spring Cleaning both by Atkinson’s Designs at work today.  I want to use my new FQ sets from the weekend in a pattern that needs 12 fqs and is quick and easy!

Thank you Karol-Ann for my surprise gift yesterday!  I think is it soo awsome!

I’m also mentioned again for a brief post in Mark’s blog.  Just makes me giggle.  I need to work on a quilt with his fabrics badly.  I love the black & whites that we have in the shop and want to toss in a purple from his first line to add some pop!  Just haven’t found a pattern that is calling me yet.

Sorry I don’t have pictures this early in the morning, but I hope the few links in the post will entertain you today.  Off to work I go!

EDIT: Try the free pattern from Hoffman’s regarding the Bali Pops.



  1. HMMM That pattern could work for any “jelly rolls.”

    You are correct 🙂 Isn’t it perfect!

  2. Oh “Spring Cleaning” will cause you to sew for hours and hours never wanting to stop. You’ve been warned. 😉

    Oh dear!! 🙂 I love Atkinson’s books, I already own 4 and various patterns — and have done at least 5 projects from them! Thanks for the warning! LOL

  3. I too have been wanting those books. The runner I made is from the happy hour book .

  4. I have started that pattern. I got all the blocks together… just kinda stalled at that point because life got busy. It is easy peasy to do, and the blocks turn out beautifully.

  5. hi, the tutorial has been removed, I just got a Bali pop and was going to make Rachel’s quilt….. argh!!! Does anyone else have it and would be able to send it to me.

  6. Does anyone know why this pattern has been removed? I tried to find it elsewhere with no luck.

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