Posted by: Toni | September 6, 2008

Girlie Groupie Fan Moment…

ya know it’s funny but if I just say “hi, I’m the quilting pirate” people know me 🙂  Like Mr. Mark Lipinski, who tried his best to zipppp into the Harrisburg quilt show for a meeting and zipp out….by some miracle of chance, I was one of the lucky ones to stop him, give a hug and a kiss and say hi!   I was such a goof 🙂 No pictures, but I have witnesses 🙂

His fabric was everywhere, he was soo excited!  So was I!  Donna picked some more up for her Take 5 project for a college gift!

I have lots of other great stuff to share, including awsome — just awsome quilts, new projects and wonderful traveling mates:

L-R Back: Donna, Pam, Eva, Jackie 2, Jane.  Me & Cheryl in front

We all fit nicely into the Pirate Mobile!  I’m glad I didn’t have to fight for a seat in the back 🙂

More later, I have to go to work now…..oh and I have a new sewing table too….



  1. I love the pictures of you and your quilting buddies, all of you always look so happy. I can’t wait to see your loot. Have fun at work!

  2. What a fun group of girlies!!!

    Thanks Bren, they were fun group to play with!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing all your new eye candy.
    How cool to meet a celebrity!

    I’ve met Mark before, he is truly a fun guy! Just like the magazine! New eye candy is always a good thing 🙂

  4. How fun that you got to see Mark again! But no pictures?!?!?! 😛

    I said I had witnesses…..and he mentioned me in his blog..LOL I’m soo happy he is writing again!

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