Posted by: Toni | August 30, 2008

I’m sneaking….

company has arrived safe and sound!  It’s a long drive from Tennessee, about 8 hours with rain.  House is cleaner, thanks to Cheryl who came over with 2 vacuums!!! YAH!!

I did sneak some sewing in and completed a few things.

This is a panel, called In My Garden–normally I wouldn’t do a panel for a gift, but this one is cute and really fits the new baby’s room theme.  I’m also going to make the fabric book that goes along with it:

Of course I ran out of the purple fabric and being we have our 25% off sale started yesterday….it’s allll gone…ugh…so I need to figure out another binding to match the flannel backing I’m going to use.  No clue how to quilt this, but I’ll figure it out.

Then I did complete all 12 blocks of my Bali Pops….it’s getting close to naming this….I have 2 rows together already as well:

I can’t wait to get these all together!

I think we are visiting Amish country today.  Haven’t done that in about 7 years!  So, need to look up some sight seeing stuff…..any suggestions….besides quilt shops, don’t think my sister in law would enjoy it as much as I would 🙂  We are heading to Lancaster area.



  1. The panel is darling. Love the Bali Pops, that quilt is going to be awesome. I would love to visit the Lancaster area, the quilting part would be very interesting and fun to me. Maybe someday.

    Well, when you are ready to visit, you have a place to stay….and it’s clean (so make your trip soon LOL)!

  2. your pops quilt is coming along quite nicely.
    I love Amish country. Please pick me up a quilt while there. LOL

  3. As always, everythink looks so lovely!!! You always do such a wonderful job! Enjoy your company and the Amish Country! I love going to the Amish Country!

  4. I love the Amish country, too. How about one of the homemade pretzel places? Your pops quilt is looking great.

  5. A friend with 2 vaccuum cleaners is a true friend indeed!! 🙂
    Have a fun time, I would love to see the quilts myslef. Your pops look great.

  6. Per your challenge, I have posted my swap quilts on my blog.

  7. I really like the Bali Pops!! What block is that?

  8. Those Bail Pops are very striking. It looks good already. Can’t wait to see it all put together. Are you going to have borders????? Inquiring mines want to know….LOL

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