Posted by: Toni | August 13, 2008


another one done….it’s kinda pretty.  It’s scrappy and not my thing, but it’s a nice looking crazy quilt.  I have no plans for this quilt, but it’s off my UFO list and on to the “To be Quilted” (TBQ) list:

Now what to do?  I have about 10 bindings to make, a booty swap project, a round robin piece, and birthday blocks to make……none of those things are due for 2 weeks….so, I can start another top?  Of course I can, I have soo many tops to do 🙂



  1. Beautiful scrappy!! I wish my scrappy quilts were so well color coordinated. Of course, you should start another top. Goodness you are a quilter and you have a reputation. 😉

    LOL….that is why I said…shhhhhhhh….I don’t want folks to “expect” 3 tops in a week 🙂 Otherwise I will run out of UFOs really quickly! LOL

  2. Wow-Wee!!! You need to slow down, you are killing me!!!!! Where are you getting all of this energy from??

    I really like the top, the colors are wonderful.

    Hehehehe….see what happens when I pre-cut my UFO’s!! Of course I’m getting to the bottom of the pre-cuts so I might have to actually start cutting again–yuk!

    Thanks, Kristie!

  3. Please explain how using fabric from one line is scrappy?

    One definition of scrappy in my mind is when a pattern has no defined pattern. When you look at this top, there is none. If I had used 4 fabrics for each of the blocks, there would be a more define pattern in the color and design. Instead I used 8 fabrics just tossed into the block.

    When I look at this top all I see is a mish-mosh of blue and brown, hence my feel of scrappy.

  4. use it as a car quilt or a living room lay around quilt or heck send it to me. LOL
    nice job Toni.

    Hehehhe….I love the colors, just unsure what to do with it. I’m sure it will go to a good home one day 🙂 Thanks, Betsy!

  5. it looks great! Well done!!!

    Thank you very much Karol-Ann!

  6. I think it looks great. Great job!

    Thanks so much!!

  7. I wish I had 10 quilts ready to bind! Have fun with whatever project you choose to work on next.

    I don’t have 10 ready to bind, but I will have them quilted within in the month or so. I prefer the binding all done now then waiting last minute. I don’t enjoy making it, so I wait til I have a lot to spend the day doing them. No fun 😦

  8. I like this quilt! The color combination is very pretty!

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