Posted by: Toni | August 10, 2008

The long last Dear Jane project…

Well, I received a comment yesterday on my Dear Jane Blog…which I kinda forgot about–the blog and the project….I decided to rekindle that project and doing so I moved my Dear Jane Blog to here:

I plan to update it more often and actually sew a block or two this week.  Even pulled out the fabrics this morning.

Have you visited my friends lately?  Check out the links on the left, everyone has been busy.  Anjea just whipped out a queen size quilt (yes, whipped it out!), Kristie has been busy with her Civil War Diaries blocks again, Cheryl has been doing more postcards, Cheri has been doing some fungle blocks for charity, Betsy is doing more pot holders, Cindy is making cute bags and bunnies, Karol-Ann’s pie just looks sooo scrumptious, Paula has been to a sculpture event, Verry Sherry has cute pictures of her girls “taking a bath”……

whew….everyone has been busy this summer….



  1. I’ve missed you. I know you have either been busy working or quilting and probably trying to sneak in a little extra fun. I’m going to check out what all your friends have been making. Thanks for the mention.

    Cindy you are one of my longest quilting buddies online and I love your blog and work! I am happy to share you with others 🙂

  2. You have been super busy too!!!! Look how many quilts you have finished this week!!!!! I don’t have many of my DJ blocks finished, jus a few. I would love to finish one of my other Civil War quilts first and then I will be able to give my DJ more attention. I am saving all of my scraps from the Civil War fabrics for the DJ since the blocks are so tiny.

    That is a smart idea, the DJ blocks are soo small scraps are perfect for them. I have to keep sewing so I’m not soo stress with other life stuff, ya know? 🙂 Thanks Kristie for the comment!

  3. I would love to work on my dear jane. It is lonely up on the wall . Unfortunately I have no idea on how to make some of the blocks. I have only made 20.

    Do you paper piece? Most of the blocks are a lot easier to create if you paper piece them. I’m going to have issues with the appliquéing ones. Don’t give up on the project!

  4. Atta girl Toni! Another DJer will spur me on as well! I’ll be watching your progress.

    [ 125, 22, 0, 2816]

  5. A Dear Jane is quite an undertaking! I think you have to love it to finish it.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer — you seem very very busy!

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