Posted by: Toni | August 4, 2008

I really need to stop….

making quilts that cover the top of my queen size bed……I finished my Christmas Road top yesterday morning and then proceeded to work all day on another large quilt.  My embroidery machine was working its heart out yesterday….can’t share pictures of that quilt yet (which is almost done), but here’s my Christmas Road.  I again am thinking of selling this one as well because it is just too big (73″ x 83″) to use on our sofa:

Off to work now.  It should be a quiet day.



  1. You’re really on a roll! I say, “keep sewing” while the mood is good. *s* You can’t have too many quilts, can you?

  2. You are one busy lady!! You deserve a quiet day at work. 🙂

  3. How nice that you can make quilts for your bed.
    I have yet to make one for our bed.

  4. Well you can always use it over the Festive Season each year!

  5. Yeah, me too. I can’t quilt the beasts and have to send them out to a long arm quilter. But it gives me a chance to do an occasional swap out of the quilt on the bed. I need to make a Christmas one, tho.

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