Posted by: Toni | August 2, 2008

Show and Tell

First, I think I have shown this technique before, but just in case here it is again. I learned this idea from a student with sewing on binding. I roll my binding into a coil and place in the baggie under my machine (using my plexiglass table to hold the bag) and this is awsome for keeping the binding from being tangled in my feet and at the floor with all those kitty hairs 🙂

Next, Thursday when my family received some bad news, my friend Jackie II was visiting Cheryl. Jackie II asked Cheryl to teach her how to make a postcard. Well, she learned quickly and made one just for me:

Wasn’t that wonderful! She did a great job and I plan to hang it among my other miniature quilts on the wire, once I hit Bed, Bath & Beyond for more clips.

Then, it was a wonderful mail day! I totally forgot about the 4S Summer Swap and received mine today from Su Bee in California! I fits so well with all my other season quiltlets! They all have sharp angles in them, but the colors really represent the seasons they were designed for.

The sparkley stuff in the quilt is metallic thread…tooo cool. And the label just cracked me up!!

Thank you Ms. Su Bee, I truly love it!! :*

I love it when I have lots of fun pictures to share, don’t you? 🙂

I sat down for a few minutes last night and went through my UFOs and discovered a Yellow Brick Road pattern I had started to do in Christmas fabrics. I have 7 complete rows and 14 extra blocks. So, I said heck with this and made another row and added a block to all the other rows-using up all the extra blocks and started sewing the rows together. I’m sure the reason I put it away was because I was trying to be “creative” in matching up the scrappy feel of this top. Well, sometimes ya just gotta say what the heck and get it done! It wasn’t one I was expecting to finish, but it’s another UFO almost off my list. Need to add 4 more rows together.

Then I also got my binding on my Gumdrops quilt (see binding picture above) and it dawned on me, I should just sell this one. Wonder if I can get $250 for it?

I plan to do a lot of sewing the rest of the weekend and maybe will have more pictures to share!



  1. Great post – that label is so funny – wish I could think of things like that. I’m still awaiting my quilt – great fun !

  2. I love the colors of the 4 seasons quilt!
    I can’t wait to get mine.

  3. That is one cute label! What a thoughtful postcard too! I hope things are looking up now.

    Thanks for the binding tip – simple yet effective!

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