Posted by: Toni | July 31, 2008

Love my long armer….

Penny did it again with finishing off my wonderful projects! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the three quilts I gave her.

This is my Gumdrops quilt:

Here’s my Portrait of Sunflowers, that will hang in my dining room when it’s bound:

I’m almost done with the Pink and Green Monster and decided to rename it Pink Envy.  I hope to have a picture to share later this week.

I also mailed out my Summer 4 Season Swap Package over the weekend and hope to share that soon.   Again, I have been sewing other things, but unfortunately they are for swaps/round robins that need to remain “secretive”.  Once I have Pink Envy done, I’ll be working on a top for me!!

Sorry I haven’t been to responsive in my comments and your blogs – I’m behind – but life had taken a few unexpected turns over the past few weeks and a new chapters are being written as life happens.  I’ll be back to my social self soon.



  1. Oh Wow! You and Penny work very well together 😉
    Especially love those sunflowers!

    Thank you Ms. Karol Ann!

  2. Oh pretties! Love them both but I can’t wait to see the Portrait of Sunflowers hanging.

    Hopefully it will be hanging by end of the weekend and I’ll take a picture just for YOU! 🙂 Thank you Cindy!

  3. Hope everything’s ok. It’s wonderful to have a longarmer that you love!

    Thank you Cheri! We are going through something new and scary right now, but hopefully things will turn out ok.

    I love Penny, she is just soo talented!

  4. Such beautiful quilts!!!! A wonderful job!

    Thank you so much Kristie!!

  5. I like them all! enjoy.

    Thank you so much Betsy!

  6. *hugs*

    Thank you Anjea…I’ll be calling you this weekend….I need a shoulder to cry on

  7. Beautiful quilts. I love Gumdrops

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

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