Posted by: Toni | July 20, 2008

Nice weekend….

spent yesterday working and came home to some sewing on a project I will reveal as soon as I have more to show of it….

Then today when to a local winery reggie festival with many friends. Granted it was HOT, but thanks to Sati and Ric we were blessed by arriving early enough to claim a spot in the shade ALL afternoon! Ya know I totally FORGOT my camera….le sigh…but I did borrow Cheryl’s and I hope I have some nice pictures in it to share later this week.

Just finished a phone call with Ms. Anjea in Texas. We always find time to yak about everything 🙂

I’m so beat, but just was visiting some blogs and found this fun site and created this “wordle” and had to share:

Now, if I could get this as my header I’d be tickled.



  1. Oooohhhh…that would be a great header! Wonder if it’s possible?

  2. If you send the picture through something like flickr or dumpr to get an HTML, that might work…..Listen to me…like I know what I’m talking about…..hey, if it does work….tell me……please….LOL

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