Posted by: Toni | June 3, 2008

Ya know I don’t post when..

I don’t have quilty pictures to share….well, I’ve been sewing but nothing is “complete” enough to share, yet.  So, here are some pictures that don’t involve sewing.

Mimi Dietrich visited the shop again this past weekend to do a book signing on her new book “A Quilter’s Diary”.  She is just the sweetest person and so knowledgeable.  She was handing out very cool 6 1/2″  squares with the purchase of her book on Saturday and it was many hours of amusement to my co-worker Sharon.  It really does glow.

Next, I have picked up a few new books from work….

And lookie and see what Cheryl gave me, a lime green basket!

And last night was another mile stone to freedom. . . . . my baby, the youngest of 4, graduated from 5th grade!  EPP!  No more elementary kids in the house.  I’m feeling sad and elidated, funny how that works sometimes:

Making my plans for San Antonio in 11 days…..not looking forward to the HEAT down there, but I love San Antonio, my 2nd oldest was born there and I haven’t been back in over 15 years—yah I know it’s changed  a bit–going to the Husqvarna Viking Annual Convention and release of new machines.  It’s going to be exciting and the opportunity to see/meet Martha Stewart to boot……ok, I’ll admit the best bonus is seeing my wonderful friend Anjea and going quilt shop hopping!!

I’m working today, but am off Wed & Thurs, so sewing will commence again!



  1. Oh wow, your little baby is growing up – Congratulations!

    BTW Is that the triangular ruler that Judy used for her HAD quilt?

    Thank you, Karol-Ann! I have no clue, but it’s a comment triangle ruler and works nicely, once I figured out how to sew the pieces together LOL 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s already hotter ‘n hell down here…bring shorts, sandals, etc. :/

    What was the brand of rulers you were talking about that have the grippy stuff on them that doesn’t wear off?

    Problem with shorts and sandals, it’s not very professional 😦 Hence my problem with what “nice” clothes to bring to Texas.

    Creative Grids….I LOVE THEM. Their marking are also thinner (can be a challenge) so it actually aids in more accurate cutting!

  3. Hi Toni!!! You have been sooooo busy! So when is the next mini swap?? I really enjoyed this one!

    It’s coming up this Monday, keep an eye in your email 🙂

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