Posted by: Toni | May 28, 2008

Duran Duran, anyone?

ME ME ME!! šŸ™‚ Along with my addiction to quilting, I have a strong addiction to going to concerts that have my favorite men folk in them and one of the long time favorites of mine is Duran Duran. I am a child of the 80’s after all! I hope to see Bon Jovi and the B-52’s as well this summer. I only took a few pictures, I was too busy dancing and singing along, but I thought this one was cool:

I learned something new from one of my newbies in my new BOM Class. It’s one of those duh kinda of things, but works wonderfully! When I sew on my binding especially on larger quilts, it always end up tangled in my feet. My student suggested taping a plastic bag to the edge of your sewing area/table and place the binding in that and pull it out as you sew it on. PERFECT!! Tried it out when adding my binding to my newest quilted quilts:

Penny, my longarmer sent me some information on my quilts she has done and thought I would share it with you:

Thread she uses is King Tut, which we have decided at the Shop to carry–WEEEE. I’m very excited about that. Their thread is awsome for quilting work, I personally have several spools of it. The color she used on the Halloween Quilt is called Autumnal.

The Quilting Designs/Patterns she uses are all digitized for her long arm machine. She has a very cool computer piece for her longarm that enables her to do detailed motifs and pantographs. Here is what she used on my quilts:

Halloweenie: called Spider Webs by Penny says, I used one pattern, but in 2 parts – this is so the webs weren’t all alike in a row, going down for visual effect. I’ve done it the other way and it looks fine too, just didn’t think it was appropriate for your quilt.

Irish Flip Flops: the foot prints came from by Todd Brown. Penny has designs listed with Legacy Quilting as well. Legacy Quilting also will carry all the Quilt Maker magazines’ designs.

Chocolate Strawberries: called Tapestry from

Birhouses: called Swallows, but unsure where it came from – will update.

Whew…..a lot of stuff already this morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet!! I’m off of work today and tomorrow and hope to get more of the Pink & Green Monster done!



  1. I absolutely love King Tut thread… the last quilt I quilted (Licorice Spice) was quilted with that. A good source for it online is – from what I can tell, they have all the colors.

    That is an awesome idea for binding – I wish I had known about it with the last quilt; I had it draped over my shoulder and tangled in my chair.

    What a great thread link! Thanks for sharing that, I have to order a few specific ones.

  2. I’m not a fan of Duran, Duran. This summer I’m lined up to see Neil Diamond.

    I love the bag trick for binding. So simple, yet so perfect for the task.

    The quilts are all gorgeous. I really like the flip flops.

    Oooo, I would like to see Neil Diamond as well! I really do enjoy all sorts of music!

    Thank you on the quilts! I’m soo happy with them!

  3. Oh your quilter is so good to you! Love the idea for the binding. King Tut thread is wonderful and beautiful.

    Thank you! I love King Tut as well!

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