Posted by: Toni | May 4, 2008

So what do you do…

when you go to bed at 11:40 pm and wake up at 2:40 am? Put in movies (Lord of the Rings series) and sew.

I finished ironing all my Orange Crush. I finished my top and quilted–just need to do the hand binding and label for my Booty swap. I finished up one round robin. I created a 12″ block for my challenge fabric at work. I got 4 halloween scrappy houses together (just need to add borders and wall hanging will be done). Oh, and there was some cleaning up going on as well.

I’m not quite tired yet and I have to wait til the girls get up and go to church, then I might go to sleep…here’s some pictures of my early morning antics!

First my challenge block, second a teaser for my Mini Booty Swap, third, my own Halloweenie Scrappy Houses:



  1. Stop showing those groovy houses, all my sewing bits start itching when I see them LOL

    Hehehe, they really do go together very quickly ya know!!

  2. I love the orange crush block, the fabrics are gorgeous! You’re very productive in the middle of the night. I sometimes have the same problem waking up in the night& being unable to sleep. Often I get up to clean or organize the house. I find my brain doesn’t work well for crafting in the middle of the night(I just end up ripping out what I’ve made.) But after cleaning and organizing uninterrupted in the middle of the night I feel so productive!
    By the way I started my mini quilt for the swap. I’m very excited about it! Here’s hoping it comes together they way I see it in my head!

    Thank you! I’m anxiously awaiting for Part 4 in the OC…I really want to start cutting and sewing my focus fabrics–black and white is getting boring! LOL

    Can’t wait to see what your little quilt will look like! It’s so fun to create these little things!

  3. Love the way you used the challenge fabric, I would have never thought of that. OH OH, whoever gets your mini is one lucky person.

    🙂 It’s going in the mail tomorrow….I love secrets—especially when I know who everyone’s partner is LOL

    Thanks on the challenge fabric!

  4. Those house blocks are GREAT!!! I am almost sure I’m going to do a house quilt myself. I keep changing my mind, it’s for a specific wall in my house, but at this point I’m pretty sure it will be houses. You’re inspiring me!

    You should try it, it would be perfect with all your brights and scraps!! I try to be inspiring LOL Thanks Cheri!

  5. Hey early bird! Your blocks look great. You captured the movement of the challenge fabric very well. Look forward to seeing more mini houses.

    Thank you!

  6. Hey, you’re awfully quiet! Are you catching up on your sleep?

    kinda 🙂

  7. Sounds like you made excellent use of your time! If I had a dvd/TV in my quilting room, dh says I would never come out. He’s probably right- always is, at least that’s what I let him think!

    Hate to bother you with this question, but I loved your chocolate strawberries quilt down there and I recognize the pattern- but I can’t remember where… If it isn’t too much trouble, could you shoot me a name! Thanks so much!

    It’s from the book of Atkinson’s Designs called Take Two And Add A Few–the pattern is Birthday Presents. I love this book!

    Thanks for commenting!

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