Posted by: Toni | May 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

To my hubby and me! 21 years later I’m still amazed that we can just talk about anything and something different daily. That we have raised 4 wonderful kids, have a roof over our head and truly enjoy time together.

Happy Anniversary honey, here’s to many more!



  1. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 21 🙂

    Thank you, Lynn!

  2. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful photo. You two look like you belong together. 🙂

    Thank you, Cheri! That was taken when we were in Florida last year celebrating our 20th!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You are a great looking couple!

    Thank you so much Paula!!

  4. Happy Anniversary and many more!

    Thank you, Marlene!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Thank you, Karol-Ann!

  6. Happy Anniversary and many more!

    Thank you so much, Kim!

  7. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary ,Happppppy Anniversary. And Many More!

    Thank you, Cheryl….were you singing to me? :))

  8. Congratulations! That is a great photo, looked like you were having fun when it was taken.

    Thank you, Norma! We were in Florida last year! It was fun!

  9. Congrats! And here’s to many more! *clink*

    Thank you Anjea!!

  10. Happy anniversary!Hope you two had a wonderful day.

    Thank you Cindy! We did….I’ll share, it wasn’t too romantic though–we are getting old 🙂

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you enjoyed your day! Richard and I will have our 7th anniversary this month! I don’t know what I would do without him…

    Thanks Kristie!! 7 years is a good year! Our lucky number! I know how you feel!

  12. Happy Belated 21st anniversary!!

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