Posted by: Toni | April 30, 2008

What a day!

Well it started off right, picking a winner of my Earth-Birthday Offer (which went into the mail today!).  Then I arrive a wee bit too early for my quilt pick up and had a Starbucks.

Met Ms. Penny at 10am at a quilt shop about 30 minutes from me…..and let me say I can not stress how wonderful her work is!  I’m SOOO happy with the results of her work.  She is the 3rd longarmer I have “tested” and will be the last for a long time.  I already gave her 2 other tops (my Irish Flip Flops and my Witch Way Did The Cat Go? tops) for a late June completion date.  Of course pictures don’t do these quilts justice, but you get the drift and I asked her not to remove the excess/square up the quilts due to my last experience with a quilter. The first quilt is the one for my sister-Chocolate Covered Strawberries, the second is from a swap I did 8 years ago and I’ve named it, Houses for Rent and don’t have a purpose for it…yet–though I’m thinking of “donating” it to a friend 🙂

Of course I had to “shop” at the quilt store and picked up a few clearance items and some fqs!  Kept it cheap though, being I really don’t purchase random fabric now days —it’s kinda weird.

Then I hit the post office (again) and stopped by my shop to show off these babies and pick up binding fabric for the Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  Then stopped by Cheryl’s house to show these quilts off….and look what she got for us:

and so we made, these:


Or course that begins me to my Orange Crush (which is why Cheryl did this…isn’t she cool :))  Ya know the 97 cents ruler I picked up at Joann’s on Saturday…well, it was intuition I think!  Being it was required for Part 3 of the OC and I’m done with Part 3…just ironing the rest of the evening…and now have to wait for part 4!

That brings me to Bonnie’s Scrappy House class… sewing partner in the class was Debbie, who has finished her main top of scrappy houses –she is planning on adding an inner border and outer border, since, but doesn’t it look GREAT!!

But wait I have one more set of images to share….(told ya I had pictures…lots of them)…

At the shop we host Project Linus volunteers (anyone who wants to sit and sew) on Tuesdays and there’s a lady who is an amazing artist and painted her Bernina sewing machine.  I told her she could make lots of money if she offered her services–I would love to have mine painted!  I was told I need to see her car, hopefully next week I can.  Her name is Ann and this is her machine, all the images are of various goddesses and the Madonna:

Whew…….sorry for the picture overload!  It is Wordless Wednesday, but I can’t be wordless! 🙂  I’m going to start my challenge block now, I think.



  1. Wow — a painted sewing machine! Awesome!

    And the house quilt is pretty cute, too. 🙂

    Yep, yep! Both are amazing! Now if I could get my houses done!

  2. Beautiful sewing machine!
    Debbie’s quilt is cute, can’t wait to see it finished. She should bring it to show and tell next month.

    I want a machine painted! And I’ll make sure she brings it to guild! I even have show and tell for guild–if I could get some bindings done! LOL

  3. Wow! You had a great day! Love the machine, very different! So glad your longarmer worked out good. I have one lady that I use and love but I have had my bad experiences with another. I finished my Step 3 of the OC today but I still need to iron Step 2 and 3! Hopefully, I will get that done before she gives us Step 4!

    I hope you got my email thanking you for my wonderful package you sent! I love it ALL!!

    I got your email…just now catching up on responding to them. I need to be better at responding! I’m SOO happy you enjoyed the package! Just took me too long to get it out 🙂 I’m ready for Step 4!

  4. Your quilts look great! Isn’t it wonderful when your babies come home? Your orange crush float looks too yummy. Absolutely love the painted machine! I just wonder what you would have painted on your’s?:D

    I think, I would have celtic knot work, sunflowers, flip flops, pirates…purple, lime, turquoise colors all over mine 🙂 Thank you on my quilts! Now to do the binding and labels…that could take another 2 months LOL

  5. What an interesting post – lots of lovely photos!!! I think the bird quilting on the back of your birdhouse quilt is too cute!
    Never had an orange float!!!
    The sewing machine looks interesting, I don’t think I could ever do that to my precious Janome, maybe my Brother LOL

    Was the post over the top? Too much? It was a crazy kinda day! Lol Thank you on the quilt!

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