Posted by: Toni | April 17, 2008

Orange Crush part 2…

and it starts….tomorrow. It took me last night and tonite to finish the cutting part of this mystery. I need to invest in the smaller EZ Angle Ruler though, the 6.5″ one is just a wee bit big for the 2″ triangles-but worked.

Had to invest in a wee fee more blacks fabrics to work this magic, thank goodness for Joann’s sales. Here’s my cutting pile:

I’ll start sewing, sometime….but not in the foreseeable future–still need to clean sewing area and bathroom….I have guests coming in tomorrow!! And quilt shows to go to and shops to hit…oh and pirates invading the Inner Harbor…..craziness!!



  1. Well done! – you’re further than me and I’m still contemplating doing this part WITHOUT investing in the ruler!
    ps what are you trying to say with your ‘crusty’ title LOL

    LOL…fast fingers sometimes have minds of their own!!!

  2. I hate cutting. I want to sew, sew, sew. 😉

    I sooo hear you there!!

  3. I am still cutting out mine. I don’t have the ruler and I am trying to cut these out of bits and pieces that I have thorwn in my scrap bag, so it is going a little slow. But I plan on having it done by the time she comes out with the next step.

    I’m glad she plans a few weeks for each step, I don’t feel rushed to complete the step and can work on several other projects at the same time!

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