Posted by: Toni | April 13, 2008


did I mention that? Yah, sorry I’m a broken record.

Excellent workshop today, meet fun new people and used strange and “out of the box” scraps for making houses. I ended up making 7 and I think for my Halloween theme wall hanging I’m going to use 4 and then use the rest in another project. I took a few fun pictures, but here are my favorite:

Bonnie wrapped up in her Scrappy Houses Quilt:

Now look at some of the wonderful houses made by students:

Here are mine:

You can see which 4 I’m using, once I square them up.  This was a very fun, very quick block to do.

Spoke to a fellow guild member and groupie (though she is a wee bit more dedicated than me) whom I begged for assistance to start my own scrap organization project.  Hopefully we can get together in coming weeks and play with my stash and scraps!

Oh, and I did finish ALL 150 4 patches of my Orange Crush and pressed them.  I’m ready for step 2.  I showed Bonnie my fabrics and blocks today and by her response, I’m much MORE excited to get this done.  She was like ooooooo ahhhhhh….good choice in colors!  YAH!!  So, she’ll won’t have the next clue til towards the end of the week –she is got to unpack and do family/house things 🙂

It was such a pleasure to meet her and talk to her, pick her brain for ideas and feel like a new direction of creativity in my own quilting being developed.

I have another busy week, but at least it ends with 4 days off of work with visiting friends and pirates in Baltimore next weekend.  Just need one day to catch up on my sleep 🙂



  1. Are you headed down to Privateer Day in Fells Point??? “My” boat (the one I work for) is gonna be running trips all day on Saturday!! I won’t be there because I’ll be up your way on retreat LOL.

    Your houses look great and I’m looking forward to seeing Bonnie again when she comes up to speak to my PA guild in October 🙂

    Yeppers, I’ll be doing the invasion. One of my close friends started/created invasion 4 years ago and normally I’m out of town due to my birthday, but this year I have a friend from Texas coming to me to celebrate. So, we’ll have fun dressing up and doing quilty things all weekend!

    Thanks on the houses – I might have to come up with you on your guild in PA in October 🙂 She is a busy person that is for sure! Have fun on your retreat!

  2. I’m not surprised you’re pooped. Bet it’s a great ‘pooped’ though. Sorting out your stash and scraps with a friend sounds like a good idea. We really should live closer! I need someone to sort out mine. I always find when I ‘sort’ I plan new things or just get overwhelmed.

    Great house BTWs, makes me want to rush out and make some right now. BUT I have a few BOM’s to catch up on and a bag to make!!!

    Thanks for sharing the photos when you really just need to rest!

    I so wish you were closer as well, though I’m still up for a trip to visit you one day (need to break in my new passport!). Thanks on the houses, you want the ones I don’t? They are bright! LOL I’m done with BOMs for the moment, have several mini quilt swaps to catch up on 🙂

    You know I posted pictures just for you….though I was in bed by 8:30 yesterday LOL

  3. I love your houses! Fun, fun, fun!

    Thanks Cheri. They were incredibly fast and easy to do (as long as you had all your precut fabric ready)!

  4. So…lady…when are you going to sleep?? 🙂 You make me tired just thinking about all that you do!!!

    I bet you had a blast with Bonnie this weekend! I love the houses, I can’t wait to see what you do with them. I can’t wait for step #2 on the Orange Crush! I have them all ironed now and ready for the next step!

    I started cutting and sorting my scraps a while back but I didn’t get very far with them. Just too many! If I could get them all cut down to usable sizes I don’t think it would bee too hard to keep up with it! So….if you are ever down near KY, around the KY/OH/WV border…maybe you can stop by and help me sort my scraps! 🙂

    I actually still get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, just means I don’t stay up late and sew.

    I did have a blast! I can’t wait either, though with company coming this weekend, I won’t do step 2 til next week.

    LOL….maybe we should trade time together? I come to your place for a weekend and you come to mine? We aren’t too far apart. Of course it will take forever for me to organize my scraps. I do plan on purchasing new tubs to separate them.

  5. Hahahahah! I had to come peek at your posts! The pic of me in the quilt? Too funny.I stole it to show my hubster..I might have to use that as a profile pic!

    It was great fun meeting you. Your blocks are so fun, and I think you helped get the quilt-police-minded quilters a bit out of their “safe zone” too!


    🙂 Thanks for swinging by! I love posting pictures, so you don’t ever had to read to much to know what is going on in my life!

    Thank you again Bonnie, it was such a nice and pleasant opportunity to meet you. I totally tickled to have a visual with all the scrappy-madness. It really puts it in perceptive.

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