Posted by: Toni | April 9, 2008


Earth Day is my birthday, I just celebrated it with my friend while we were together in Florida…though it looks like she might be up next weekend to celebrate it here in Maryland 🙂

Another friend, the wonderful Anjea of Austin, Texas, is coming in 8 days to hang out with me….squeeeee!!!

A day of productiveness…..I think.  I almost have my table topper done for Friday’s Civil War Club meeting (pictures coming) and started my center in my Stars Around the Garden—that might not be completed by Saturday.

Spent the afternoon with Cheryl – we always seems to chat forever before we start getting creative, I think it’s warm up excerise and then did some walking with one of my non-quilty friends Sati.  She is trying to get me active and walk to loose inches.  I’m trying.  I need a dedicated buddy, otherwise I won’t go.

I got 1 load of laundry done, toilet cleaned and some errands runned also…, I think I’m pooped now.



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