Posted by: Toni | April 3, 2008

Because Rose did it…

Rose did this and I was curious and bored this morning (not like I don’t have a list of “to-dos”)……

According to this (very limited) database, there are only 97,202 with the name Toni. That is my real name, not Antoinette. But it states there are no records of Carringer (my married name) and I know there are a ton of them folks in TN and NC 🙂 Needless to say, I’m very unique LOL
How many have your name?

And Amy thought of me when she saw these this morning:
T-Shirt #1
T-Shirt #2

I have no clue why? LOL



  1. I have 612 people with my name. I guess I am not unique.

  2. That’s funny it turned out that way for you too. I put all of my kid’s names in and there were ZERO other people with their names. Then I did my oldest daughter again with her married name (I keep forgetting her name has changed lol) And it said again there were zero with that name as well. It was really odd that it said there is NO ONE with her (married) last name and I happen to know there are a whole slew of them in just one city. Fun to try it out though. I love those silly games and quizes.

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