Posted by: Toni | April 2, 2008

So it’s Wednesday….

what is your week like?  Mine, not too bad.  I’ve been working on getting the online shopping feature for our local shop up.  It’s a ton of work, from setting up the online shop, taking pictures of items, making descriptions of items, moving items from one database in the shop’s inventory to another one……lots of work.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…I forsee it up and running by early next week.

I did start making 9 patches for my sunflower quilt.  Easy to do a few every morning, here’s a teaser of what I’m doing:


This will be a queen size quilt for my own bed.  I hope to have the top done by June – that’s my goal.

I do have some projects to work on for next week’s meetings at work – Civil War Love Club and Stars Around the Garden.

I’m off of work today and plan to finish up the matching of swap partners for the Booty Swap and do laundry for my weekend trip….ya know it’s HOT in Florida?!  Time to dig out some capris and t-shirts for the weekend!



  1. Florida? Hot? Capris? Sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

    Thanks Cheri!

  2. Your blocks look great! I can’t wait to browse the online shop!!! Have a wonderful time in Florida!!!

    Thank you so much Kristie! We are going to focus on Kits in our online shop. There is so much competition out there and we want to “stand out” and be different.

  3. What a tease you are! Looks lovely. Don’t remind me it’s warm elsewhere in the world, because it sure ain’t warm in Yorkshire!!! Have a great time!

    You’re home?! Trust me it’s COLD here…low around 0 C tonite!!!

    Hope all is well, miss you!

  4. Love the colors in this quilt, and can’t wait to see it! Just found your blog, and am snooping around. Lots of great things here- thanks!

    Caron in Michigan

    Thanks for stopping by! I have to go and read your blog now! I enjoy reading blogs!

  5. Enjoy the warm weather in FL. I’ve been wearing capris and scandalls since about Feb. I love it! Your sunflower quilt is going to be beautiful.

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