Posted by: Toni | March 26, 2008

Just for Mark. . .

I have a lot to share in photos, but wanted to post this one just for Mark Lipinski. Mark, I hope your little wonderful computer program, hears your name….Mark Lipinski 🙂 It was actually suggested from a customer to share this and I said you are so right—Mark would love to see this!

Alexander Henry makes some awsome cowboy fabric called Wranglers, we at the shop lovingly call it “Hunky Men”fabric.


Well, of course it’s been a shop source of humor and jokes….and within 4 weeks the entire bolt has been sold. The first lady to purchase from the bolt got 3 yards to make a body pillow case for her 17 year old daughter…what a cool mom! Well, our youngest sales gal (aka my coworker) is highly talented and creative and fell in love with these hunky men and designed a pattern using the fabric — with the intend for a kit, unfortunately we have to wait til mid-April to get another bolt, hopefully.

Her quilt is finished and she is working up the pattern for sale, but here’s the finish project:


Sharon (aka co-worker extrodinaire), took one of her own cowboy boots and created a feathery design (from the stitching on the boots) to be use as the quilting design in the log cabins area and then drew a boot to be quilted in each of the corners. The flying geese quilt design she created as well. Did I mention how talented this gal is!? Not to mention she is the princess of color in our shop (there is already a queen bee of color). She has name the “hunky man” in the center of her quilt – Josh.

Again, we should have a pattern for this quilt ready to sell by end of this week under $10. This pattern is actually good for any panel style fabric – asians, floral, kids, etc.

So Mark Lipinski, this post is just for you (and any other folk out there that love that hunky man fabric, but kinda clueless what to do with it).



  1. Great fun! I’ve been looking for sexy cow girl pin up fabric for over a year. I saw some once and didn’t that the balls to buy it, what a mistake. Looking at how things are now, I shouldn’t be adding to stash any time soon.

    Nice to see your posts again. 🙂

    I hear you on adding to the stash! I’ve finally cut the urge to purchase unless I need it for a project. I’m doing well keeping focus on the UFO’s I have on hand to work on, though I’m getting to the point where I have to actually quilt some tops to keep busy 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh, I feel like such a bad friend, I didn’t realize that you had moved! My computer had been down for a couple of weeks and I have my bloglines set up but when I got it going again, my Bloglines said like 350+ posts, so I just deleted them and started over reading. I had not saw a post from you since I had been back on line, so I wondered if maybe my Bloglines was not working right, so I went over to your blog only to find that you had moved!

    I love that fabric! That is so what I need! Wonder if hubby would mind if I made me a pillow out of it. Since I am “the quilting cowgirl” and hubby works nights, I really need me a hunky cowboy to snuggle 🙂

    I love you Civil War blocks so nice! How many do you have done?

    Congrats on your son! I’m sure you are very proud!!!

    I thought of you with this fabric. Most women giggle and say their husbands won’t allow this fabric in the house! But if yours is ok with it, I might have to make you a pillow case now ;). I have done 9 so far on the Civil War blocks, again just for my club. I need to work more on my DJ blocks. Thanks, my son is visiting us this week!

  3. Too funny! I had seen that fabric, but not made up so well!

    She is very talented. Not an easy pattern, but very nice showing off the hunky men folk 🙂

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