Posted by: Toni | March 26, 2008

Have you ever…..

been quilting along and finished quilting and all ready to complete your quilt with binding, to discover you haven’t prepared “said” binding? UGH!

Well, I’ve done this not once, but many times. I get gleeful with excitment thinking I’m almost done and the dreadful act of cutting, sewing and pressing binding at that point just frustrates me. So, I declared this Backing & Binding Week.

I know ya’l are a lot like me and love to make tops and stop….so, I challenge you to go forth and get your backs and bindings all done this week for all those tops. Place tops, backing & binding in their own big ziploc bags until they are ready for quilting.

I have dugged through my stash and amazingly found fabric for the remaining backings and bindings I need to do. Even prepared some binding for a quilt that is at the longarm’ers right now. Two other quilts at the longarm’s will have to wait til the come home for binding.

So far I have sewn 3 backs, created 6 bindings this week. I have 8 more bindings to prepare and one back – WHOO HOO! Everything is one more step to being completed…..eventually 😀

So, off you go….see if you can beat me at making bindings this week…..


Backings Needed: 4 Backings Completed: 3

Bindings Needed: 14 Bindings Done: 6

Share your pictures by end of the week, comment here and I’ll toss in something fun to give away.



  1. I usually stop when the border needs to go on! (My least favorite part.) But it’s a great feeling when you return to a project and discover that you left it ready for the next step. 🙂

  2. I guess I’m an odd one. I always do all the cutting to start off with. It’s my least favorite part of the process and I’m not about to drag all the cutting stuff out again when I’m nearly finished with the quilt. Therefore, I have no backings or bindings that need to be cut. Who says efficiency pays off? LOL

  3. Hmmm – I never make the binding until the quilt is finished being quilted. Does that make me odd? LOL I actually like putting the binding on a quilt – It means the quilt is FINISHED!!

    You are not odd. I found it interesting to see how different we all are on the quilting process. I like to finish my top before I pick out my backings/bindings.

  4. your bindings are beautiful.
    I have made several tops for my daughters friends but I too need to make the backing. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thank you Betsy! I normally don’t pick out the backing & binding until my top is done and let my top “talk” to me what I need to finish it with, so that is why I’m behind.

    You’re welcome!

  5. Wow! You are really getting things done! I HATE cutting and ironing the bindings. I don’t mind so much sewing them on, it’s just the cutting and ironing!

    Ditto…..that is why it takes me so long to complete quilts 😀

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